A little about Narine Dat Sookram

Narine Dat Sookram of Kitchener, has been an excellent role model for the immigrant population in Canada.  In 2013 he was named one of RBC’s Top 25 Canadian Immigrants for the continued support he has offered to other immigrants for more than twenty years.  His attitude is one of acceptance and openness towards all, rich or poor, regardless of their social status.  He makes everyone feel special and worthy by bringing out strengths that people often don’t know they have. 

He has exceptional mentoring skills which he uses to help business women in third world countries as well as internationally trained professionals here in Canada.  In 2013, Sookram received the World of Difference 100 Award, making him the first North American to receive this honour in the category of Championing Women’s Economic Empowerment. 
Narine Dat Sookram is both a college and university graduate and is a registered social services worker whose people skills allow him to communicate with people of all backgrounds and ethnicities.  He has spent many years mentoring immigrants and helping them to get their credentials evaluated to Canadian standards.  He has a passion for the West Indian rich cultural heritage and to celebrate it, Sookram initiated the award winning Caribbean Dreams concert in Kitchener, where new and young artists can showcase their talent.  Narine Dat Sookram’s community work is proof that you don’t have to hold a position of power to make positive changes in others’ lives.  He has influenced thousands of people from different parts of the globe over the years, due to his character, his determination for solidarity, and his commitment to serve in his community.  He’s also a weekly community radio host and a weekly columnist for the Caribbean Times International (Canada) and the Guyana Times (Guyana).   
The Kitchener resident is the recipient of more than 100 prestigious awards/recognitions, some of which include:  People of Distinction Humanitarian Award, ReelWorld Trailblazer Award, 2015, Canadian Who’s Who, 2015, International Service Excellence Award for Director of the Year, 2014, Ontario Newcomer Champion for Promoting Cultural Heritage, 2014, Jack McGinnis Environment Spirit Award Recipient 2014, Arts Awards Waterloo Region Recipient in the “OPEN” category, 2012, Waterloo Award – The city’s highest civic honour and many more…..
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